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Quality Fundamentals, Diploma in Quality Leadership and Higher Diploma in Quality Leadership

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CMI Accredited Certificate in Quality

We offer the Quality Fundamentals course based on workplace learning principles at the fee of £1100 plus VAT**.

Students may purchase the units individually and in the numerical sequence for a fee of £225 per Unit plus VAT**.

An entry level qualification needed before taking the Diploma in Quality Leadership course.
DHI offers the Quality Fundamentals course through distance learning.

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The Diploma in Quality Leadership which is also based on workplace learning, embraces the full content and CMI approval of the Quality Fundamentals course.  The course is offered for a one-off payment fee of £3100 plus VAT**.

However, the course can be purchased unit by unit for £365 plus VAT** per Unit.

If you need any further details, please do not hesitate to ask.

The Diploma in Quality Leadership course incorporates the 5 units in Quality Fundamentals with a further 4 elearning units. The 9 units are tutor supported and externally examined by the submission of a 4500 word assignment.


The Higher Diploma unit fees are as for the Diploma but with three additional units charged individually calculated as follows:

Basic Diploma fee (either option) plus 3 x £365 plus Vat.

The course is an extension of the Diploma and also based on the principles of workplace Learning, but includes 3 extra units,
Quality Control/Quality Assurance, Supply Chain Management and Hoshin Kanri.

** VAT at current rates applies to all students or their employers within the UK and European Union.
Overseas students
Outside of the EU, VAT still applies to individuals purchasing the courses themselves but not in the case where the courses are paid for by registered Companies. These are not our rules unfortunately, but it is the legal situation.


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