What is Hoshin Kanri?

'Hoshin Kanri' (Reference David Hutchins Book) is a Japanese term that has no direct translation into English. There three key elements but each element breaks down into multiple sub elements Many 'would be' experts attempt to create trite simple models but there is nothing simple about Hoshin Kanri, why? Because it represents a model that embraces every activity in an organisation.

The over all objective is to create an organisation in which everyone from the top to the bottom is working towards making that organisation the best in its business.

It is founded on the principle that when properly developed each individual is the expert in his or her own job. The object being to use every ounce of creativity. 

Bill Gates referred to this as being 'Corporate Intelligence'.

Hoshin begins with the creation of the VISION. What are the ultimate goals of the organisation?

The next question is 'how can we achieve the VISION? what resources do we need?

This involves every Function and every level. For the achievement of their role in the VISION what is their Mission?

Against all of these criteria, how good are we now? What are our strengths and weaknesses? How do we retain the strengths and how do we deal with the weaknesses?   We need the help of Quality Function Deployment to manage this and to convert Critical Success Factors into KPIs

We need the Continuous Business Improvement Process at all levels to close the gaps on the KPIs. This involves the organisation of Self managing Work Groups, Project Teams, Continuous Benchmarking to monitor the market place and our internal performance.

We also need to both keep an eye out for when someone is using the Loose Brick concept against us and where we can use it against them.

This is the essence of Hoshin Kanri and it is not simply 'Policy Deployment' much as some would have you believe.

Both our Diploma and Higher Diploma cover this and the basics can be found in our 5 Unit course Quality Fundamentals

Also the following link will take you to David Hutchins slide presentation given at a European Organisation for Quality Congress in Budapest (Hoshin Slides)