The most exciting revolution in education ever!

No more boring tedious lectures, no more nights away from home and family, expensive accommodation, cancelled lectures, incompetent tutors, unreadable or non existent course materials.

Instead learning when it is convenient to you, state of the art learning materials that you can use either at your place of work or at home by the fire after the children have gone to bed, share what you are learning with your colleagues, senior management and bring them along with you on the learning path.

You can also study the course with a team of colleagues and collectively produce some stunning results. 

This is not simply e-learning or on-line learning although it can be if that is what you want. You are not in isolation as these approaches often are. Instead of being on a course with others who do not understand your type of business and do not share common experiences, in this case, you can work and discuss what you are learning with colleagues.

Unlike public courses etc, when you have finished and return to work, nobody is interested and even your boss says 'put your books on the shelf and get on with the job'. It is as if you have never been away. It is a well known fact that more people change jobs after they have been away on a course than otherwise.

Workplace learning encourages students to share their learning with others in the organisation. DHI has a Mentor scheme which benefits both the Mentor and the Mentee. For more details please visit our ‘Become a Mentor’ page.

The cost of the entire Diploma is a fraction of what you would pay for a residential course somewhere and with all the hassle that goes with it. You can also pay as you go, unit by unit If the company is not supporting you,
the unit fees are affordable to everyone. 

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With Workplace learning, you do not have to tuck yourself away like a hermit, get irritable if there is too much noise going on while you are trying to concentrate. You can share what you are learning with your colleagues. This is even easier and far more rewarding if they have signed up too. At the end of the course you will have a program for your organisation that you can be proud of and it will be unique to you. If you have worked with colleagues they you are already past the 'resistance to change' obstacle because they have been with you all the way.


You will not be learning from a dusty lecturer who has possibly never experienced what he/she is teaching but from those who have been there, done it and seen it work.

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Peter Drucker is right. Another quote from John Young the ex CEO of Hewlett Packard:
"In the yukon it is said that it is only the lead dog that gets a change of view."

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