TQ 002 Quality the People Factor - CMI Approved



The 'People Factor' is at the core of every successful quality based business strategy. Create the right culture and an organisation could fly to the top of its class. Get it wrong and at best remain an also ran.

It is frequently said 'how can we motivate our people'! One way is to involve your colleagues in studying this course. Learning by doing is the best way to learn anything. This is why we talk about Workplace learning. More important is to make sure that you do not demotivate them but that is the problem, this is what almost always happens. The most motivated your people are likely to be is on the morning of day one when they first join you. Either you can build on that or event within hours sometimes, they can be disheartened, dispirited and thinking they made a mistake. What might this and even the less dramatic examples cost you. How much did the selection process cost? How long does it take the new recruit from the moment they walk over the threshold to become a star performer? maybe they never will and probably you have to start again with another. This Units looks into the basic reasons for this and how to make everyone a star performer.

Quality Fundamentals is entirely eLearning and Workplace Learning based.  It is packed with quizzes as gateways to progression. At the end of the course there is a final quiz. On satisfactory completion of the quiz you will be a awarded with the Quality Fundamentals Certificate.   The course is broken down into bite sized sections with a short quiz at the end of each section. Designed to be viewed from either PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, you can study any time of day and pick up from where you left off.   The TQ 002 Quality the People Factor unit is made up of 11 sections:

TQ 002 Quality the People Factor

  • Getting Started for Quality Fundamentals

  • How People impact quality

  • Organisation Values

  • Management style

  • Leadership

  • PDCA

  • Quality Circles

  • Quality Leadership

  • Steering Committees

  • Team Leadership

  • Leading Teamwork for Success

  • Communication


Quality Fundamentals is designed for all levels of academic ability and is intended for the entire payroll from the CEO through to line personnel. It forms the basis of all other David Hutchins International Quality College (DHIQC) quality based courses.


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