World Quality Month 2018


What is World Quality Month?

We have chosen the month of November to increase awareness of quality and acknowledge the huge role it plays in our lives. The concept of ‘Quality Month’ originated in Japan in the late 1950’s but remained there until the late 1970s when the world woke up to the role of ‘Quality’ in Japan’s post war transformation from being labelled as ‘junk merchants' to the world to almost global domination in market after market through the production of superior quality products at competitive prices. After that, the world began copying concepts which originated in post war Japan and this included the concept of National Quality Month which is staged every year in November. All of the in-company employee awards, awareness programmes, National and International Quality Awards are made during this month and companies across the country display quality banners and flags to demonstrate their commitment to quality.  


Some organisations promote the idea of a World Quality Day, also in November. In our opinion this is diminutive and if you blink you will miss it. Having a full month provides the opportunity for a lot of imaginative ideas and to create a buzz throughout the organisation. There is nothing to stop anyone from doing both, now there is a thought!

DHI and Quality Month

David Hutchins Innovation have backed this campaign to draw attention to quality education and focus the importance of making quality an essential part of the organisation.  Throughout the month of November our organisation will support the management and quality personnel of organisations who participate in our initiative by providing downloadable materials and tools to promote ‘Quality Month’ within their organisation.     

**New**  Student of the Year

This year, DHI will select a student to receive the Student of the Year Award.  The winner will be announced in November 2018. 

Employee in the Spotlight Award

Would you like to reward and recognise an individual who has made an exceptional contribution to quality in your organisation? This year DHI will be running an ‘Employee in the Spotlight Award’ to give you the chance to nominate that someone who has made a difference. Entries close October 19th. Please click here for the nomination form.

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Promote 'Quality Month' in your Organisation

  • Noticeboards: pin up posters on the noticeboards around your organisation.

  • Educate and share knowledge: host a 'lunch and learn'. Educate the rest of your organisation about quality.





FREE resources to download

To commemorate 'Quality Month' DHI have produced some resources aimed at staff to remind them of the essential role that Quality plays in a business.  

Please click here for downloadable resources.

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Discounts on our Quality Fundamentals and Diploma throughout the month of November...

From the 1st to the 30th November, DHI are offering a £500 discount to the first 10 students who register on the Diploma in Quality Leadership course.  Please click here for more details.

Please call our office to register for this offer.   Fees must be payable in full within 14 days of registering.  

Please contact telephone number: 01458 224040.