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Choose the most respected Quality Diploma course on the global market. This qualification combines the content of the CMI registered Quality Fundamentals and the Diploma in Quality Leadership courses. The David Hutchins Innovation (DHI) Diploma in Quality Leadership covers the Introduction to Quality, People the Quality Factor, The Role of Monitoring and Measuring in Making Decisions, Business Performance Improvement and Principles of Quality Management Systems as well as 4 extra units as listed below.

Throughout the course, the student will build a 9 unit project that, when completed, will be a custom built implementation plan for their organisation, and, evidence of achievement if planning to progress to higher level qualifications.

Start your DHI journey today and you could be qualified in not much more than a years time if you study hard and you will start to improve your team or organisation's performance almost right away.

For over 40 years, David Hutchins Innovation has been ‘the name’ in world-class Quality training, qualifying hundreds of people every year. Don’t accept any substitutes!    We’ve trained our students to become leaders in their field.


Following completion of our Diploma in Quality Leadership, the student can upgrade to Higher Diploma in Quality Leadership course which, together with the journey into Life Coaching will ensure you continue to progress your career with an internationally recognised qualification by allowing you to develop not only your knowledge and skills but those of your work colleagues also.  This course will help you to become a recognised quality professional and an Associate of DHI enabling you to use DHI materials in your own organisation.


The DHI Diploma in Quality Leadership incorporates the courses in Quality Fundamentals but with a significant difference. Whereas in the case of the Quality Fundamentals course, the student moves form section to section and from unit to unit by correctly answering some on line multi choice questions, in addition to this, the student is required to write a report theoretically to his/her Chief Executive on whatever differences there may be with the ideas in the topics in the sections and what changes might the organisation make as a consequence. This approach follows through all units so when the course is finished and the student has their Diploma, they will also have a complete implementation plan for their organisation. We are not aware of any other course that does this.

Key additional points for the student:

  • There are no sit down examinations. All units are assessed by the submission of a 4500 word Assignment as described above.

  • Completed assignments may be submitted at any time in the year. The only deadline is that the entire course must be completed within 4 years from the date of submission of the first Assignment.

  • Students will be provided with a purpose made 'D' binder large enough to contain all units.

  • Student familiar with the now defunct CQI Diploma will notice that the final unit, Business Research is not included in our Diploma but this is because Business research is a requirement in all units of this Diploma.

  • In collaboration with one of the worlds leading USA based life coaching organisations, successful students in the Higher Diploma will have the opportunity to continue from here through to full Certification as a qualified coach with skills they can use anywhere in life not just at the workplace.

Designed to be viewed from either PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, you can study any time of day and pick up from where you left off. The units in the Diploma are:

Following on from the Quality Fundamentals, the Diploma in Quality Leadership provides the professional credibility, knowledge and skills you will need to start making a difference in your work life.


Distance Learning – Part time

The Diploma is entirely e-Learning based. The 9 units in this course are tutor supported and are externally examined. All units are tested by the submission of a 4,500 word assignment.  

The assignments are based on the content of the Quality Fundamentals units in the first five Units but in a similar style in subsequent Units. This approach has  3 principal objectives:  

  1. To further reinforce knowledge of the content.

  2. To make the intellectual link between course content and its application in the students work environment.

  3. To develop the student’s ability to conduct subject research.

These assignments may be submitted at any time of the year and marking.


This is the diploma level course for anyone with the Quality Fundamentals qualification or the CQI Level 3 Certificate in Quality (exception from the Quality Fundamentals based on proof of CQI Level 3).   


The price of the 9 unit Diploma course when all Units are purchased together is £3100 + VAT**.
However, the course can be purchased Unit by Unit for £350 plus VAT** per Unit.
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There are no other charges, registration fees or membership requirements.

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