TQ 005  Principles of Quality Management Systems -  a CMI Approved Unit



No doubt, a great many students will be familiar with ISO 9000 and think of it as the basis of Quality management Systems. Many people use it as such but there are some who do not. For example, there is the British Quality Foundation Model (BQF) which uses the European Organisation for Quality (EFQM) Model. There is the American National Quality Award Model known as the 'Baldrige Award', the Japanese Deming Prize concept although this is more a set of principles than simply a model and there are 'Integrated Management Systems' and finally Hoshin Kanri. Which should you use? It is confusing. In this Unit each is explored to help the student make up his or her own mind.

This is the fifth Unit in the  Quality Fundamentals course. This course is an e-learning or blended learning course. On completion of all Units the student will have completed the CMI Approved course Quality Fundamentals. If the student sends a copy of the Certificate they can download from their Portal to us we can pass it to the CMI who will then issue their own certificate following which the student may if they wish obtain a level of membership which will enable them to access the large quantity of educational products from their 'Management Direct' resource which has an almost limitless range. 

TQ 005 Principles of Quality Management Systems

  • Getting Started for Quality Fundamentals

  • Introduction to Quality Management Systems

  • Introduction to Hoshin Kanri

  • Creating the Vision

  • Key Performance Indicators

  • Deploying the Visions at all Levels

  • The House of Quality

  • Managing the Improvement Process

  • Managing Risk

  • Competitive Advantage

  • Linking to Standards and Awards

  • Final Summary of Quality Fundamentals


Quality Fundamentals is designed for all levels of academic ability and is intended for the entire payroll from the CEO through to line personnel. It forms the basis of all other David Hutchins International Quality College (DHIQC) quality based courses.


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