Whether you’re starting out or you’ve worked in Quality for 20 years, Partners in Quality will support you and expand your quality network and keep you up to date and informed.  By joining this community, you demonstrate your commitment to keeping up to date and maintaining the highest standards of knowledge and expertise.  

Through the Partners in Quality you will receive access to:

Free webinars

We know it can be difficult to take time out of the office to attend a workshop or conference on the latest techniques in quality, which is why we created our monthly webinar series.   It enables you to watch and listen from your desk.   Hosted by subject matter experts our webinars keep you up to date on topics which are relevant to your work.  You’ll be able to apply what you’ve learnt immediately to your current role.

A network by joining our online Partners in Quality community

You can connect with other quality practitioners in your area online or at regional events.    

Stay up to date with the DHI Publications and newsletters

You can read the latest quality news in our quarterly newsletter.   It explores the latest topics that dominate the world of quality, it aims to support and inspire you in your role.  We want to make you think differently and give you the latest information quickly and easily to keep you informed. 

Find relevant jobs with the DHIQC job board.

Check out our links to careers in Quality.

Events and Conferences 

Partners in Quality will list details of local and international conference and public events which enable you to learn about emerging trends. 

So how do I join?

It is free to subscribe to Partners in Quality and membership is open to anyone who is actively engaged in or considering a career in quality or has an active interest in the industry. All you have to do is complete the registration form below.   Provide some details about your work and experience and your hopes and aspirations. 


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