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Training and consulting organisations

We work with a number of partners and friends from different parts of the world. Some of these are individuals who we respect for their professionalism, experience, skill and knowledge and others are established organisations operating in the business performance improvement field. These organisations have been selected to expand the range of our offerings and ensure consistency of approach to international assignments.


ACT specialises in organisational and professional development through a mixture of consulting, coaching, training and assessments. ACT was formed in 2012 by Mike Hutchins, one of our associates.

Mike states: 'Our purpose is to partner with world class organisations to build capacity for new ideas and ways of thinking. We seek clients that are doing transformational work and providing sustainable environmental solutions. We see learning as a process: something you do. It means change. If it changes how you see the world, then transformation is more likely to happen. ACT looks to partner with clients that have a similar philosophy. We look to become trusted advisors, developing deep relationships with clients and sharing in the discovery process.' Act have been a key feature in the development of our Diploma Unit 'Facilitating, Coaching and Mentoring for Quality'

Masar for Training & Development

Tel: +973-17400417 | Fax: +973-17311417
Mobile: +973-33369033 | P.O. Box: 82340 Bahrain

Masar are the DHIQC Approved Education Centre in both Bahrain and Oman. Our Certified tutor there is Hasan Al Sharqi who is qualified to support our blended Training programme Quality Fundamentals in both countries.


BPIU specialises in providing process improvement solutions either using consulting or training or a mixture of both. BPIU was formed in 2008 by Mike Debenham, one of our associates. Mike states: 'Our consulting approach is based on the well known Chinese proverb: ‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.’ which means it almost always contains a significant element of training. Consultancy is not about telling your client what they should do, this creates resistance, ‘who is this outsider who thinks he knows what I should be doing?’ Consultancy is all about developing the competency of your client personnel so they can develop and own the solutions that will take their organisation forward successfully

We can therefore offer the training courses listed below in-house at your premises or a local venue:

*Business Process Design and Improvement
2 days. Partner: BPIU    LEARN MORE

Problem Solving Through Root Cause Analysis
2 days. Partner: BPIU    LEARN MORE

Quality Tools for Performance Improvement
2 days. Partner: BPIU    LEARN MORE

Quality Planning
2 days. Partner: BPIU    LEARN MORE

Statistical Process Control and Control Charts
3 days. Partner: BPIU    LEARN MORE

Product Inspection
2 days. Partner: BPIU    LEARN MORE

Quality Management Leadership Workshop
1 day. Partner: BPIU    LEARN MORE

Pride in Process Ownership Workshop
1 day. Partner: BPIU    LEARN MORE

*The Effective Management of Risk for Process Design Course Delegates
1 day. Partner: BPIU    LEARN MORE

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In-company courses can accommodate up to 16 delegates. Courses marked * are usually run with 12 delegates and over this number a second tutor is required. To receive a quotation for one of the above courses please email our referenced partner giving details of course title; training location; number of delegates plus your company and contact details

Partners in Quality - membership organisations

David Hutchins is an academician member of what it universally accepted to be the most prestigious Quality Organisation in the World The International Academy of Quality.