Quality Auditing

Quality Auditing  is a Unit specifically designed for the Diploma in Quality Leadership. However, it is similar in style to the Units in the Quality Fundamentals course. The student is still required to complete a number of multi Choice Questions as they work through the Unit as well as a final one on completion.   

As with all of the Units in the Diploma the student is required to submit a 4500 word assignment in which they demonstrate the ability to relate the content of the Unit to its application in their work.

The Dip006 Unit Quality Auditing is made up of 11 sections:

Dip006 Quality Auditing

  • Introduction to Management System Auditing
  • Understanding the purpose of 1st, 2nd and 3rd Party Auditing
  • The Roles and Responsibilities for the Audit
  • Evaluation of the Approaches to Auditing
  • Analysis of the Audit Process, Preparation, Performance, Documentation, Follow Up
  • Suggested Audit Flow Charts
  • Analysis of different forms of Audit findings
  • Nature and purpose of different Auditing findings
  • 3rd Party Auditing
  • Audit related Standards
  • Summary


Entry to this Unit is restricted either to those who have completed Units Dip001 to Dip005 of the Diploma in Quality Leadership or to those who have obtained a DHI exemption from those Units. All of the Units in the DHI Diploma in Quality Leadership as progressive as each assumes knowledge and experience of the content of the preceding Units.

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