How to promote 'Quality Month' in your organisation


Now is the time to think about how you intend to launch and run your Quality Month. Don't leave it to the last minute. Throughout the month of November we will have a number of activities and resources available to download.  Here are some suggestions to help you promote Quality within your organisation. But, here are some ideas to help your planning.

  • Quality Noticeboards: Posters on the noticeboards.

  • Educate and share knowledge: Host a lunch and learn so you can educate the rest of your organisation about quality.

  • PR and Editorial: Write articles for your organisation to post on the intranet or in newsletters/PRs.

  • Spread the word on social media: Share DHI tweets on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.

  • Quality Statements: Ask other members of staff to write a brief statement about quality on an index card. Collect them, review them and post them on the board.

  • Treasure Hunt: Plant one thing in each department that is wrong and reward the person that finds it.

  • Metrics: Review current metrics and add to them, measure occurrences of rework/scrap etc.

  • Hall of Fame: Put up a hall of fame that would carry over year to year.

  • Quality Question of the Week: Each Monday ask a new quality question (dealing with procedures, training etc) which is posted on the bulletin board throughout the organisation. On Friday the CEO takes a stroll around the organisation and asks various employees the answer to the quality question. If they answer correctly their name is posted on the bulletin board. This keeps quality in everyone's mind.

  • A Quality Leader under the spotlight: Who in your organisation demonstrates the characteristics of quality leadership?

  • Click here to share your ideas regarding how you and your organisation spread quality awareness throughout November.

  • DHI have put together some downloadable materials for you to download. Click here to visit the 'FREE DOWNLOADABLES' page.