Giving your biggest asset the tools and skills needed to give your organisation that competitive advantage.

How would it look if everyone in your organisation was trained in quality and quality was everybody’s job?  

With the possibility of Brexit being just around the corner nobody knows what impact it will make on business.  One thing is certain, there has never been a more important time to be sure that your organisation is in a strong position.  This requires a quality strategy based on the same thinking as the UK Cycling team which is now a world beater.

David Hutchins Innovation run courses in Quality which are designed for everyone in the organisation, whatever their role.  We will give your biggest asset the tools and skills to build on your organisations success and give it that competitive advantage.

The Quality Fundamentals course is designed to change the mindset of everyone.   Quality delights customers.  Whilst quality comes from methods and tools, it also flows from people using the tools.    

David Hutchins Innovation has already trained hundreds of people in the basics of Quality and many have gone on to study the Quality Diploma in Leadership and the Higher Diploma.  In many cases, improvements can be achieved which account for many times the cost of the course.   

So what is the Quality Fundamentals Course?

Quality Fundamentals is a CMI registered online course and is mapped against National Occupational Standards), designed for all levels of academic ability and is intended for the entire payroll from the CEO through to line personnel.  The five units, An Introduction to Quality, Quality the People Factor, The Role of Monitoring and Measuring for Making Decisions, Business Performance Improvement and Principles of Quality Management Systems provides a broad base of knowledge and skills and forms the basis of all other DHI quality based courses.    It is entirely e-learning based but students are encouraged throughout to apply the principles of Workplace Learning and will have the tools to deal with real life problems whilst completing the course.   The five unit course is packed with quizzes as gateways to progression.  At the end of the course there is a final quiz and on satisfactory completion of the quiz they will be awarded the Quality Fundamentals certificate.  The course is designed in a way that a qualified tutor could work with small groups in a classroom situation.  The course takes approximately 3 months to complete.

Quality Fundamentals Mentor Programme

The Quality Fundamentals course is designed to run online and unsupported, however some organisations will want to run the course in the classroom and in some cases DHI will grant authority to a Certified Mentor to set up teams and facilitate them to work together for the duration of the course.    We offer a Mentor certification programme which will give the Fundamentals Mentor access to the materials so they can conduct classroom style teaching each of whom will have their own copies of the licence to use.  If required, Mentors may include this course within broader courses.  Your Certified Mentor will be given all the skills and knowledge he/she will need to help others develop their skills and knowledge.  

Educating your biggest asset - how much will it cost to roll out the course across the organisation?

There are a large number of benefits to rolling out an education programme for groups,  the enthusiasm which emanates from one area of the organisation can be infectious and when improvements are visible it can have a ripple effect.   We offer substantial group discounts to organisations and we also offer a special Certified Mentor programme at a special rate.                                                         

If your organisation enrols 6 or more participants in a block, DHI will make available on an expenses only basis, an expert consultant to work on site for one day either with the participants or with the top management team or both, to help facilitate the implementation. 

Why DHI?

DHI are uniquely placed to deliver CMI registered courses, we offer a range of courses to meet the needs of organisations of all sizes and in any sector from an individual manager studying a qualification to company wide programmes, we provide the tools, guidance and knowledge your employees need to excel.  The courses are progressive, the Quality Fundamentals can take students right through to the Diploma and Level 6 Higher Diploma in Quality Leadership.  DHIQC is founded on over 40 years of consulting experience, providing quality training and working across all major industries with over 40 leading global companies.  David Hutchins, founder and CEO of DHI is author of 9 bestselling books on Quality including Quality Beyond Borders, Hoshin Kanri and Just in Time wrote the content for the Level 3 and Level CQI Diploma.