How we can work with your organisation

There are five ways. They are not mutually exclusive and all are possible at the same time.

1. Workplace Learning

2. e-learning. 

3. Blended Learning

4. Tutor supported

5. Either of the first three plus consultancy support

E-Learning. Our Quality Fundamentals package is designed initially for that purpose and when we created it we envisaged organisations buying access to this product in bulk for their labour force. However, it was also designed in such a way that a qualified tutor could work with it and small groups in a classroom environment. This will enable the student to work through the package in the company of his/her colleagues and is appropriate for those who are likely to have a more in depth involvement with the subject.

Blended Learning. This is the second option using our Quality Fundamentals course materials. DHI licence skilled users to use the materials in their own education and training programmes.

Tutor Supported programmes mainly include the Diploma and the Higher Diploma in Quality Leadership. This has proved extremely successful over the last ten years and our ex students often progress to higher level Degrees.

The addition of Consultancy support is more common with larger programmes in larger companies but it not restricted this way. We are always prepared to help where we can.

Employee education, training and development can provide a company with a considerable return on investment, after all, people are usually the biggest asset. People make firms work and people determine how efficient a firm is. People are therefore instrumental in determining a firm’s cost base and from that it’s competitive advantage. 

There are a number of ways that your business can benefit from working with DHI. We will give your biggest asset the tools and skills to create a better performing organisation and give it a competitive advantage. Here’s how:

  1. Increased productivity:  Productivity depends on the tool and other physical resources and on the skills and knowledge of the people employed.

  2. Quality is meeting the needs of customers. Quality services are those that meet expectation. Quality goods are those that meet the advertised specification. Quality delights customers. Whilst quality does come from methods and tools, it also flows from the people using the tools and following the methods.

  3. Company reputation and ability to serve customer

As the only organisation that offers a truly credible Quality Diploma qualification, we set the standards that others follow.

We offer a nationally recognised qualification.

We can continually update our course material – on a daily basis.

We can offer coaching and mentoring.