HDIP 012  Facilitating, Coaching and Mentoring for Quality



This is the ninth Unit in the Diploma in Quality Leadership course. The Diploma in Quality Leadership is a blended learning course with online tutor support.

The unit requires the student to carry out an assignment and write a report to their CEO explaining how the various sections in the teaching materials may or may not apply to the organisation. On completion of all units the student will have a comprehensive implementation plan and also will have acquired skills which will enable them to train all levels of the organisation from the CEO through to line levels.

It is our perception that most Quality Courses, could be good at the 'what is' but maybe no so good at the 'how to'. The consequence being that the quality professional, instead of being able to help people achieve quality in their work, becomes a policeman and is perceived to be a threat.

This is not good either for the Quality professional who, in order to survive must develop a hide like a rhinoceros, or the payroll who find themselves living in a blame culture and instead of trying to do good work, instead spend much of their time trying to hide defectives.

This unit is based on the belief that to be successful, the organisation should see quality as being everybody's business. This being the case, instead of the Quality specialist being a policeman, they must be seen as everybody's friend and instead of allocating blame, they should do all they can to help people do good work. 

This requires special skills and is the object of this unit.

Going on from here, the Quality Specialist will also have acquired the skills and knowledge to enable them to work with top management in the establishment of company wide systems that are intended to drive them to the top of their markets and to remain there. 

The HDIP 012 Facilitating, Coaching and Mentoring Unit is made up of 11 sections:


HDIP 012 Facilitating, Coaching and Mentoring for Quality

  • Getting Started

  • What is Facilitating?

  • The role of the Facitator

  • The qualities of a Facilitator

  • Coaching - what it is and the fundamental principles

  • Coaching practice

  • Evaluation of coaching skills

  • Mentoring

  • The mentoring process

  • Practical coaching and mentoring by participants

  • Evaluation

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