DIP 006  Quality Auditing



This is the sixth Unit in the Diploma in Quality Leadership course. The Diploma in Quality Leadership is a blended learning course with online tutor support.

The unit requires the student to carry out an assignment and write a report to their CEO explaining how the various sections in the teaching materials may or may not apply to the organisation. On completion of all units the student will have a comprehensive implementation plan and also will have acquired skills which will enable them to train all levels of the organisation from the CEO through to line levels.

The DIP 006 Quality Auditing unit is made up of 11 sections:


DIP 006 Quality Auditing

  • Getting Started

  • Section 1: Introduction to Management Systems Auditing

  • Section 2: Understanding the purpose of 1st, 2nd and 3rd party audits

  • Section 3: The roles and responsibilities for the audit

  • Section 4: Evaluation of the approaches to auditing

  • Section 5: Analysis of the audit process

  • Section 6: Suggested audit flowcharts

  • Section 7: Analysis of the different forms of audit findings

  • Section 8: The nature and purpose of different types of audit findings

  • Section 9: 3rd Party auditing

  • Section 10: Audit related standards

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