Dip001 Introduction to Quality - Includes a CMI Approved Unit



This is the first Unit in the Diploma in Quality Leadership course. It also contains the CMI approved Unit from the Quality Fundamentals course. This course is a blended learning course with on line Tutor support. The Unit requires the student to carry out an assignment based on the content of the Teaching materials in which the student is required to write a report to their CEO explaining how the various sections in the teaching materials may or may not apply to the organisation. On completion of all Units the student will have a comprehesive plan for the implementation of the relevant concepts and also will have acquired skills which will enable them to train all levels of the organisation from the CEO through to Line levels.

The Unit is also packed with quizzes as gateways to progression. At the end of the course there is a final quiz. On satisfactory completion of the quiz you will be a awarded with the relevant Quality Fundamentals Certificate.    Designed to be viewed from either PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, you can study any time of day and pick up from where you left off.   The TQ 001 Introduction to Quality unit is made up of 11 sections:

TQ 001 An Introduction to Quality

  • Getting Started 
  • Understanding Quality
  • The History of Quality Management
  • The Cost of Poor Quality
  • Quality Planning
  • Product Recall
  • Quality Control
  • Quality Improvement
  • Eight Management Fundamentals
  • PDCA
  • Process Design
  • Customer Satisfaction


DHI Courses are designed for all levels of academic ability and are intended for the entire payroll from the CEO through to line personnel. The content of this course is relevant to all other David Hutchins International Quality College (DHIQC) quality based courses.

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