New book published – Quality beyond Borders: Dantotsu or How to Achieve Best in Business by David Hutchins

In the UK, over the last few decades we have embraced Six Sigma, Lean and other Japanese management techniques and have spent £billions on consultancy and courses, so why are we still behind countries like Japan and Germany who are turning out superior quality products?

Quality Beyond Borders looks at Japan where these concepts are not considered to be standalone but are all part of a seamless companywide matrix of interaction concepts.  When the concepts covered are integrated into a total company-wide programme, the intention is to make that organisation the best in its business; in Japanese terms this implies ‘Dantotsu’, which means ‘number one thinking’.   Author, David Hutchins has over several decades worked in all of the cultural blocks and has consistently managed to integrate all of these differences into a single companywide approach.

Accessible and practical in approach, Quality Beyond Borders is split into short sections, each representing a self-contained idea for the reader to digest and reflect on.     A valuable resource for business practitioners, students and academics alike, Quality Beyond Borders guides you through what you need to know about quality tools and how it impacts your wider business strategy and the bottom line.

Quality Beyond Borders Dantotsu or How to Achieve Best in Business by David Hutchins was published in May 2019 (ISBN: 9781138565104).


“I think you have written the first book ever that presents 'Global Quality' as a "Unified Theory" similar to the "Theory of Everything" (ToE) in the physics community but in this case far more relevant to our lives.  Your new book – Quality Beyond Borders is a must read for all quality professionals globally, who are professionally and personally chartered to make this world a better place by leading the quality revolution.   I've bought the Amazon Kindle version of the book earlier this week and have been blown away by it.   Many thanks from a "Lean Six Sigma" professional who is forgiving enough to not let 'quality orientation walls' of any kind get in the way in the battle before us against poor quality.” Jessie Reyes.

About the author:

Following a career in Industrial and Production Engineering in the Automotive and Printing machinery sectors, resulting in the position of Works Manager, David Hutchins moved into education and consultancy in 1969 primarily to stimulate a response from British manufacture to the growing challenge from Japan. He organised the first ever seminar in the UK entitled Total Quality Control in 1973. Established his own consultancy, education and training organisation in 1975, was responsible for the inspiration and organisation of the epoc making event The Japanese Approach to Product Quality held at the Institute of Directors in 1979 at which Professor Ishikawa made his one and only ever visit to the UK and Europe. Since then David Hutchins has continued to pursue and confirm his beliefs in an approach to the achievement of Quality Excellence through people involvement and empowerment as opposed to the short sighted conformance route. David Hutchins was commissioned to design the CQI Level 3 Certificate in Quality Management, the CQI Level 5 Diploma in Quality Management and associated courses.

David has implemented Quality Circles into a regional organisation of the British Ambulance service and to Etisalat, the sole Telecommunications company in the Arab Emirates. David's Affiliations* UK Secretary General - International Association of Schools Quality Control Circles (IAQCCC). * Honorary Member - Asian Pacific Quality Society. * Fellow - Chartered Quality Institute UK (CQI). Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute * Senior Member - American Society for Quality (ASQ). * Juran Institute Master Black Belt. * David Hutchins is an academician with the exclusive International Academy of Quality, founded by such illustrious people as Professor Ishikawa, Dr Feigenbaum, and a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute. 

Proudest achievements: 

1) To single handedly provide outside assistance to a major British Aircraft Manufacturer when accused of being a British Government owned 'lame duck'. Achievement: turning a net profit of over £45m just two years after making consistent losses for the preceding 15 years. 

2) Assisting a 3m tonnes a year steel producer to increase production to 4m tonnes pa with virtually no additional capital investment & saving over $220m in just 3 years with an accrued annual saving of $69m per year.


Hoshin Kanri, Policy and Strategy Deployment and Policy Control, Project by Project Improvement, Root Cause Analysis (RCA), self managing work groups and Quality Circles, New Product Development tools and process, Supply Chain Management, Bench marking, creation and deliver of distance learning materials to Level 7 from Level 3 in the Quality Sciences and disciplines.