November is 'Quality Month', how will you be promoting it in your organisation?

The concept of ‘Quality Month’ originated in Japan in the late 1950’s but remained there until the late 1970s when the world woke up to the role of ‘Quality’ in Japan’s post war transformation from being labelled as ‘junk merchants' to the world to almost global domination in market after market through the production of superior quality products at competitive prices. After that, the world began copying concepts which originated in post war Japan and this included the concept of National Quality Month which is staged every year in November. All of the in-company employee awards, awareness programmes, National and International Quality Awards are made during this month and companies across the country display quality banners and flags to demonstrate their commitment to quality.  

DHI and Quality Month

David Hutchins Innovation have backed this campaign to draw attention to quality education and focus the importance of making quality an essential part of the organisation.  Throughout the month of November our organisation will support the management and quality personnel of organisations who participate in our initiative by providing downloadable materials and tools to promote ‘Quality Month’ within their organisation.     For free downloadables such as posters, quizzes, promotion ideas please visit the Quality Month page on our website: